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Mechanized Car Parking Systems

Current Pte Ltd entered the Mechanized Car Parking business in 2007, and have since secured exclusive distributorship rights for the parking systems from Korea and China’s Qingdao Maoyuan. We are committed to providing our clients the optimal space-saving solution for their development projects through strategic implementations of our automated parking systems.



Basilisk Concrete

Made and developed in the Netherlands, Basilisk Concrete is the World’s first Bio-concrete which supports autogenous healing of cracks of up to 1mm in width. It is available in three different forms, each tailored to suit different applications.


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Other Services

Apart from sourcing and introducing more innovative construction technologies, Current Pte Ltd also strives to be the jack of all trades by actively providing services in the relevant areas.


Dincel Construction System (DCS)

In 2015, Current Pte Ltd acquired the exclusive distributorship for DCS in Singapore. DCS is patented PVC permanent formwork from Australia, the installation for DCS is quick, safe and requires no skilled labour.




Structure Steel

Current Pte Ltd also supplies structure steel for construction at competitive rates.