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  • How It Works

    Basilisk Self-healing concrete is developed at the Delft University of Technology and is based on a autonomous repair system which is made possible by limestone-producing micro-organisms (bacteria). When the bacteria come in contact with oxygen and water they are capable of converting certain nutrients to calcium carbonate (limestone).



    When cracks appear in the concrete specially selected bacteria and nutrients will facilitate an autonomous repair system. The technique and time of adding the bacteria depends on the chosen product. The bacteria are triggered when they get in contact with water and oxygen, which will be present due to prier crack formation. The bacteria need a certain alkalinity which is either provided by the concrete itself or by the Basilisk product.

    When in presents of water, oxygen and nutrients the bacteria will start to multiply. This will insure a wide dispersion of bacteria inside the entire crack. The widely dispersed bacteria will start to convert the present nutrients into calcium carbonate (limestone), which will eventually seal the crack.

    Due to the formation of limestone the crack is autonomously repaired, increasing the durability of the concrete structure.