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    Basilisk Liquid Repair System ER7 is a liquid repair solution for small, narrow cracks in concrete which cannot be sealed with a mortar. After application the liquid forms a gel which watertight seals the crack. The bacteria then convert the gel into limestone for a permanent seal. Because small cracks are sealed, water-tightness, the frost resistance and durability of the structure increases considerably.

    Use Basilisk Liquid Repair System ER7 for:

    Easy to process

    The self-healing repair solution is applied in liquid form as a two-component spray mixture. Basilisk Liquid Repair System is easy and quick to apply; 1.500 m² per hour is not uncommon. For cracks up to 0.2 – 0.4 mm width only one treatment is needed, cracks up to 0.8 mm width need two or three applications. After the excess material has been removed, the treated surface can be put into use again.