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  • Basilisk Repair Mortar – MR3

    Cracks in concrete, specifically below ground water level, can be detrimental to water tightness of constructions and can therefore result in leakage problems. For structural and durable repair of such cracks Basilisk Self Healing Repair Mortar MR3 has been developed. MR3 is a 1-component repair mortar modified with Basilisk Healing Agent. It contains natural enzymes and is specially

    developed for waterproofing leakage spots in concrete. After applying the mortar the Healing Agent will start to react within 24 hours resulting in permanent waterproofing of the construction. This mortar is particularly suitable for permanent and durable repair of larger than 1 mm wide cracks and porous leaky parts of concrete constructions.

    Basilisk Repair Mortar can be typically applied to:

    • Stop water leakage in basement walls
    • Permanently repair water-leaking cracks
    • Provide ductile dilatations under dynamic loading conditions
    • Repair of structural defects